As entrepreneurs we often get tied up in building and growing our businesses and many of us pass right by the things that realy matter


Believe In Yourself
Believe In Others
Believe In What You Can't See


Give To Yourself
Give To Others
Give To What You Can't See


Love Yourself
Love Others
Love What You Can't

Hi, I'm Mike Wayne

I grew up doing construction with my dad. I never liked it much, but later on, I realized my dad was teaching me the most valuable lessons; how to work hard, run a business, work with people, help people, and give thanks for the opportunity and ability to do so.

Throughout my life, I've been a Network Admin for someone else and a Contractor with my dad. I started and ran my own businesses, General Contractor, Network and Home Theater Contractor, Freight Transportation, Portable Storage Dealer, and Estate Flipper.

It wasn't until a few years ago that I even heard the word, "Entrepreneur."  Then I realized it, "I guess that's what I am."  I'd always had the urge to create, learn new things, explore new options, and improve my life, my family's lives, and those I came in contact with.

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