There's a Clue Below!

This product is made by a company that has perfected the Network of Marketers model.

The company is called Young Living Essential Oils. Now, depending on who you are, and reading this now, you probably are having one of three reactions.

First - I have no idea who Young Living is or what Essential Oils are. Well, the short is, Essential Oils are a natural oil typically obtained by distillation of certain plants or trees. Essential Oils have been used for literally thousands of years for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. Young Living is a US-based company that grows and sources the plants and distills the oils for their uses. Young Living has been around for about 25 years now. They also make many other products based on the Essential Oils as supplements, cleaning, health, and beauty.

Second - I know about Essential Oils and or Young Living. Great, then you probably know that Young Living is number 1 in the market. They have grown every year since they started 25 years ago. In fact, they hit $1.5 Billion in sales last year which was a $400 million increase from 2016.

Third - I want nothing to do will Essential Oils. There is a good chance if you fell into this group then you're like me and most likely a guy. That's kind of what I thought, well for about 5 minutes. Then I thought about the business opportunity. I figured if I was offered a job making say $1 million a year but I had to work at Victoria's Secret to get it, would I take the job? Heck yes, I would.

Let me show you some numbers and how long the average person takes to achieve amazing incomes without using the knowledge, you now have thanks to my Free Guide, on how to use Facebook ads to reach Millions of people. 

Since you’re building a Network of Marketers you might imagine how this can multiply quickly. Here are some examples of the average monthly income of members at various levels. You'll notice the Silver and Gold levels have been achieved by members in as little as 1 month. These numbers are as of 2016, the 2017 numbers have not been published yet. I'll show you the official income disclosure statement later.

-Silver rank average monthly income $2227 in as little as 1 month.
-Gold rank average monthly income $6067 in as little as 1 month.
-Platinum rank average monthly income $15,324 in as little as 2 months.
-Diamond rank average monthly income $39,566 in as little as 10 months.
-Crown Diamond rank average monthly income $74,188 in as little as 14 months.
-Royal Crown Diamond rank average monthly income $152,377 in as little as 17 months.

There isn't any cost of goods to deduct from these numbers. These numbers are what the average member is paid for their good work bringing new members into the company and promoting and selling products. And even better yet, these numbers don’t go down because all of those members in your group are trying to achieve that next level which just boosts the person above them.  

Just think how much quicker you can achieve those ranks by using Facebook ads! 

Once you achieve the Platinum or Diamond level you could decide to stop all active work on your business, pack up and move to Bora Bora and you will still receive a paycheck every month from then on. Your paycheck will possibly get bigger every month since you will have your Network of Marketers wanting to achieve higher ranks. But you don’t need to be Alastor Moody to see you shouldn’t stop there. Keep working and hit that $152,377 per month. In case you were concerned about this company being around, they have been making these products and paying these amounts to its members for 25 years now. In 2017 they hit $1.5 billion in sales.

Okay, now that you have no problem making lots of money with Young Living Essential Oils, I'll show you their Income Disclosure Statement. This statement is where I pulled all those average incomes from. This is a true legal disclosure as required by law for any company following the Network Marketing business profile. Which means for you and me that these are actual, real numbers and are not made up.

Here is the Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan shows the requirements for each rank and how compensation is paid at each level. There is a lot of information in this plan and you really don't have to understand each element of it. As you get into the business and start getting paid from Young Living for the 1000's of members you’re going to bring into your Network of Marketers, the different payment levels and bonuses will make more sense. Remember that our top goal, Royal Crown Diamond averages $152,377 per Month.

So, are you ready to do just as I have done and have the ability to just give away Bags of Money yourself?

Do you want to take advantage of the system I’ve build and be a part of My Network of Marketers where I can help YOU achieve the Top Ranks in Young Living?

I charge absolutely Nothing to take advantage of all the work I've already done and be a part of My Network of Marketers.

You will need to join the Young Living Essential Oils team and to make sure you succeed, there are some guidelines I recommend each of my Network of Marketers follow.

But first, I'll tell you how to become a new Young Living member.
In the Congratulations email you received, the same one you used to get my Free Guide to Rapid Success, there is another link.

It's a blue button at the very bottom of that email and it says;

Start Your Network of Marketers

Just click that button and it will take you to the Young Living Essential Oils new member signup page.  It is absolutely necessary that you use this link, otherwise you will not be able to join My Network of Marketers and take advantage of the system I have in place.

Here's the page you'll see

You'll notice that the "My Sponsor ID" and "Enroller ID" are already filled in.  These numbers are automatically filled in and need to stay.  They ensure you will be in My Network of Marketers.  These numbers may be different than the ones in this image.
Later I'll tell you how you can have YOUR ID numbers automatically fill in for other people who have downloaded my Free Guide and want to join My Network of Marketers. 

To become a Young Living Essential Oils member, you'll need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit which will cost $160.  Its a very small investment to be given the opportunity to make such an extraordinary income.  Not to mention that you're getting over $300 worth of products

I've spent 1000's of dollars in the past to start other business that only had the potential to make an average wage.

With the power of social media and the Facebook ads you'll be running, you'll recover the cost of the Premium Starter Kit right away.  Some people not only recover the cost but make a profit in just days.

There will be a few different choices of the Premium Starter Kit. Just choose the one you want that is priced at $160 or more.
There is a Basic Kit for $45 but choosing this kit will not give you the minimum PV (Personal Volume) to qualify for your first commission from Young Living. Since you’re here to succeed as quickly as possible I recommend everyone stick to these guidelines to make it happen.

Essential Rewards is Crucial to Rapid Success

Next, you'll want to join Essential Rewards Program by choosing an Essential Rewards Kit or individual items.

If you promote Essential Rewards with at least $300 in products each month, you’ll see Explosive results from your business. The problem most new members have isn’t adding more members, but the new members they do add are not purchasing or selling any products. If no products are purchased or sold, then no Group Volume is created, and no commissions are earned.

This is not required to be a distributor, but one of my guild lines in the Fast Success. It is one of the most crucial parts of succeeding quickly in this business. It is essential that you stress this point to every person that becomes one of your Network of Marketers.

Here’s a quick example;

Let’s say that your new Facebook video ad brings in 35 new members in the first month (I’m being REALLY conservative with these numbers). This is very doable because your ad will be seen by 10’s of 1000’s of people.

Your 35 new members take your advice and join Essential Rewards with $300 per month. That would be enough volume, structured into qualifying legs (refer to the Compensation Plan), to qualify for the Silver Rank. Silver Rank pays on average $2,227 per month.

And because you're going to be sharing my Free Guide with all of your new Network of Marketers, they will be running ads just like you.

Imagine month 2 if those 35 new members each create their own network of 35?  Over 1200.... Crazy!

That's Diamond rank for you!

All because you made sure each new member joined Essential Rewards with $300 per month.  

What you’ll find is that by your 2nd month you’ll be bumping your Essential Rewards up to $500 or more. There are so many great products and you’ll learn pretty quickly how many toxic chemicals we are using every day in our home for cleaning and even in our tooth paste.

When you join the Essential Rewards Program and add the products you want to receive each month, (don't worry, you can change what you're going to receive at any time), you'll be paying for them at the time you place the order so if you’re not prepared to pay at the time you sign up to become a member you can always ad Essential Rewards later.

Just remember that failing to join Essential Rewards and encouraging others to join will greatly reduce your success and your business will grow much slower.

A major part of quickly succeeding with Young Living is the Essential Rewards program.
I encourage each new member to join Essential Rewards with a $300 order.

This business is built on the fantastic products Young Living is allowing everyone to experience. The more products you are using and sharing with others, the faster you will achieve those income levels.

After you’ve completed your registration with Young Living, you’ll find you are left in the Virtual Office. Virtual Office is your center of operation with Young Living. You can spend some time roaming around, there’s a lot of great info for the new member in the Member Resources area. You will definitely want to come back here and familiarize yourself with Young Living.


Now your ready to follow the steps in my Free Guide and build Your Network of Marketers. 

Take my system and copy it exactly

Build a Landing Page

You can use Shopify like I did to build a great landing page to send your Facebook Ads visitors to.

Build a Facebook Ad

Create some Facebook ads to point millions of potential visitors to your new landing page and show them how they can build their own Network of Marketers and make a fantastic income using Social Media.

Grow your online business to point that you can give Bags of Money away just like I am.



I did mention earlier that you could take advantage of EVERYTHING that I've already built

So I've decided to do just that!  Give you access to EVERYTHING.

Allow anyone that doesn't have time to build their own Landing Page or Create their own Video Ads access to everything that I've already created!

You can use my Landing Page
The very landing page that you first came to.  The very page that 1000's of people visit every day looking for clues to my Hidden Bags of Money.

You can use my Facebook Video Ad.
Yes, I'm going to give you access to my "Hidden Money" video.  The very same ad that brought you to my landing page.
The ad that brings in those 1000's of people every day to my site.

You may be asking yourself, "Why would I want to run ads just to send even more people to Mike Wayne's site?" 

That's a good question.  Because, I'm going to give you a Unique Referral Code from my site so when all those people come to my landing page and download my Free Guide and choose to be a part of Young Living, they will be in YOUR Network of Marketers!

That's Right!

You use my Landing Page and Facebook Video Ad that is proven to bring in 1000's of people, to YOUR Network, to grow YOUR business, to create an Extraordinary Income for you!


Do you want to use everything that I've already built?

I offer all of this as a service I call

The Fast Track to Rapid Success.

The Fast Track to Rapid Success is a monthly subscription service.

You get access to;
My Facebook ad "Hidden Money"
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A Unique Referral Code from my site

Subscribe for 1 month or every month
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How quickly could you hit

Gold rank and $6,067 per month
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 Others have done it in their First Month!

You could be running my ads in just a few hours!

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